What To Expect On Your Trip

Born to Rhumb is an exclusively private charter. What does this mean? This means you tell us where you want to go! Since the trip will be exclusively yours, you get to determine where to go. For those new to the area, check out our Destinations page for some of our guest's favorite stops. 

We can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers in the British Virgin Island waters and 15 passengers in US Virgin Island waters. You will not pay extra for a private excursion as we are priced per person with rates equaling the other charters that do mixed groups. 

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What Is Included

  • Cooler stocked with beers, painkillers, soda and water
  • Sirius XM satellite radio
  • Stereo with iPhone connection to play your music
  • Top of the line snorkel gear
  • Child and adult size life jackets 
  • Floats
  • Noodles
  • Swim platform
  • Ladder for water entry on boat 
  • Canopy for rain/sun protection
  • Freshwater rinse hose
  • Cabin with toilet

What Is The Price 

Our boat is priced at $1,125 for a minimum of 7 passengers. Some additional information on our pricing:

  • There is a $160 charge for each additional passenger up to 12 for BVI trips and 15 for US trips
  • Infants are free and kids under 10 are $115 after meeting our minimum price
  • BVI Trips Only incur an additional change of $70 per person (children included) to cover customs fees. You can read more about recent BVI customs fee increases here

We pay fuel for your trip with the exception for trips to the Baths, which is $300 extra fuel surcharge.